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Min Zaw
Min Zaw was born in 1972, Yangon, Myanmar. He first studied at the State School of Fine Arts and graduated in 1994. In 1998, he recieved a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts from the University of Culture. He is famous for his cartoon character "Bo Bo".
Solo Show

1997 - Postive Dream , N-M Art Gallery, Yangon.
1999 - Water Colour Show, The Myanmar Gallery of ContemporaryArt,Yangon.
2002 - Women Series,Art Seasons Gallery, Singapore.
2003 - Red Landscape, Art Seasons Gallery, Singapore.
2004 - Apyodaw, The Myanmar Gallery of Contemporary Art, Yangon, Myanmar.
Group Show

2001, January - Through Myanmar Eyes, Art Seasons Gallery, Singapore.
May - The World's Premier Contemporary Asian Art Fair, Singapore.
December - Random Illusion, The Myanmar Gallery of Contemporary Art,Yangon.
2002, May - Phillip Morris Asian Art Awards Exhibition, Bali, Indonesia.
May - Burmese Dreamscape, Art Seasons Gallery, Singapore.
October - The Contermporary Asian Art Fair, Singapore.
November - Burmar Days, Zee Stone Art Gallery, Hongkong.
August - Special Group Show, A.Z.L.A Gallery, Yangon.
December - 5th Annual Group Show, The Myanmar Gallery of Contemporary Art,Yangon.
2004, June - June Show, Lokanat Galleries, Yangon.
November - Contemporary Art Exhibition, ILBC, Yangon, Myanmar.
December - Now Art Exhibition, Artists & Attisan Association Sale Center, Yangon, Myanmar.

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