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Since I was in kindergarten, I was very pleased to see the paintings.
1. When did you start interesting art?
Since I was in kindergarten, I was very pleased to see the paintings. So my interest for art started since that time.
2. I like to know when did you start painting?
I started to paint in 1982 when I was high school student. I achieved awards at international children painting competition from Japan and Soviet Union.
3. Do you have any teacher who taught you how to paint systematically?
In 1989 I attended to Yangon Fine Art School and graduated in 1991. During that period, I learned basic technique of painting under U Thu Kha for two years. I continued studying art under U Lun Gywe, U Aw and U Tin Aye (Mandalay).
4. What makes you start painting?
I became to know more about the essence of art after I studied under art masters and became familiar with the paintings of natural scenery and expressive art. I am very interested in art which expresses emotion with lines and colors.
5. What kind of painting did you made?
I used all mediums but I like water color more than other mediums.
6. What kind of feeling do you have when you made creation?
First I ask myself which subject to draw. I consider the subject according to my feeling on one particular subject, which tone and color attract me and my emotion to that subject. Then I sketched that subject. I only follow my feeling in creating art.
7. Do you go to art exhibition? What kinds of painting do you like most?
Yes, I go to art exhibitions. All artists made their artwork with all their might. I like the painting created with systematic calculation.
8. May I know your ideal person in art?
My ideal persons in art are U Lun Gywe, U Aw, U Mya Thaung, U Win Pe Myint and U Tin Aye (Mandalay).
9. How many one man shows did you exhibit? How many paintings are there?
I’ve made only one solo show at ALAG Art Gallery in 2001 with 50 paintings. The medium of those are water color, acrylic and oil.
10. Did you participate in group show?
Starting from 1992 I’ve participated in many group shows. We also made our Fuji Gallery’s artists shows three month a time. I’ve also participated in G.V Art Show 1992-2000) and San Chaung Township art exhibition.
11. How many art works have you made?
I’ve already made over one thousand paintings of all medium.
12. How do you feel on your art work after you have made that?
Before I made the painting, I keep one feeling in my mind and I create according to that feeling. So I always satisfied my creation. Every time when I finished my painting, I got something new knowledge from that. So I got more and more pleasure in creating art.
13. Which is your favorite color?
My favourite color is blue. I prefer cold color.
14. May I know your view on creating art?
The best way for creating art is to create art with sincerity. Everybody should learn art. We can get satisfaction if we could feel the natural scenery with our emotion and reflection.
15. Do you have any plan to make another show?
Of course, I have a plan to make many art shows in future.