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U Lu Tin - the person who possess the natural
U Lu Tin - the person who possess the natural features or water color painterWater color painter, Saya U Lu Tin (Monywa) displayed 71 artworks of his at "NM Art Gallery of Mr. Guitar Café" from 26th December to 2nd January 2001 as his anniversary show of 70 years birthday.

I teased him that he would be in trouble if all paintings were sold out.

He responded with a smiling face and a big mouth,

"Yes, I don't want to sell these 70 paintings at the age of 70. I added extra one painting to lengthen one more year of my life. The name of painting is "Ivy". It is not for sale."

He was the first student of Mandalay Art School. Due to his outstanding height, brownish complexion and thick black spectacles, no doubt he has come from upper Myanmar. He always wears a Myanmar traditional over coat and sometimes lifting sarong just like a young man.

Because of his native, Kywe Ye village in Monywa Township, he used to paint the panorama of surrounding of Monywa Township such as Ahlon, Monyway, Ahayadaw, Kyaymhon and etc...

We are keen on the strong brush-strokes for figures of the trees without leaves and human in the paintings of misty rocky mountains of Chindwin River, hazy toddy-palm wood from Sarlingyi which is just like covering a long silk shawl, long reeds in the breeze and desert field, banner pole and village gate under the sun. Seeing his paintings, we became worried about the toddy-palm climber how to take the shelters from heavy rain and also for young monk who was walking under the sun in the desert. When will he have his lunch.

His paintings give many sensations to those who look at his paintings but he usually takes only 15 to 20 minutes to finish all his paintings. After 20 minutes he only takes a few seconds to issue his signature with his brush, containing damp color. He doesn't want his signature to be hard formation in the painting.

There must be some misunderstanding between his colleagues because he called himself "Saya (Guru)" but actually it doesn't mean he wanted to lead all. It is the habit that reflected from his past experiences as art teacher of art schools in Meikhtilar and Mandalay.

He is well mannered and so modernized. If somebody whispered him old man, he always urged. "Oh! I can still play cane-ball". He always stay together with young people and made himself younger. Through his paintings we can guess how well his emotional intelligent is.

One day when the students from Mandalay School of Fine Arts came for a visit to his gallery "Light House Gallery" at Monywa, they told him that it is a miracle to create a painting in 15 minutes and thought that he had a lot of earning. He replied,
"It is ok for 15 minutes of painting time but 3 hours of idea forming time and lying on the bench is too long".

In every winter, he crossed the bean field and used to walk along Chindwin River in misty and windy weather. Wet bean leaves made his legs sticky and aching. He made himself gazing and staring the movement of vaporous mist over Chindwin River.

When I asked his teachers' name, raising his eye brow he answered that U Ba Thet, U Kan Nyunt and U Chit Mye are his teachers. He told me about U Ba Thet. Not only U Lu Tin, U Ba Thet usually called his pupils "Maung Ko Ko". It means brother. U Lu Tin was watching while Saya U Ba Thet was painting. He also helped him made pavilions together with school friends.

One day when U Lu Tin went to see his teacher by entering from the back of the house, he heard his teacher's shouting. U Ba Thet was making the sounds of big dog chasing the puppy, the sound of washing flying pans, the voices of girls and boys and etc. Then he stood at the back of his teacher quietly. He saw that his teacher was painting the scenery of Myanmar Donation ceremony. He never forgets the screen of U Ba Thet, painting with serious mood.

As soon as he finished the painting, U Ba Thet stopped making sounds. Then U Lu Tin slowly move towards the front of the house and greeted his teacher and told him that he just arrived to the house. His teacher showed him an excellent painting of Myanmar Donation scenery.

U Lu Tin said that he could never be the painter who painted his self portrait like a leprosy patient except U Ba Thet.

U Ba Thet was a symbolic artist of U Lu Tin. He learned a lot of techniques from U Ba Thet. He said that the trees in his paintings came from U Ba Thet's paintings. He told us how simply U Ba Thet spends his marvelous artist's life.

Like teacher like pupil, U Lu Tin also spends his artist's life by creating the paintings of natural features of Chindwin region and it's atmosphere with his tiny brushes containing natural colors.

He created the images by tropical zone's climates, such as Summer, Monsoon, Winter by using only his inventive monochrome green colors.

The seasons being cycled and as well his signatures at corner of pictures are also changed from 98 to 2K and so on. He will continue changing the date of his creations. He will continue walking in the fields of bean cultivations along Chindwin River.

At the ground in front of Light House Gallery, he will play cane ball together with youths performing lift kneel and great kneel by girding of sarong.

To create his affectionate arts by eating one of Myanmar's snacks - the bean fly, he will keep on dreaming and gazing the trees dancing in the windy fields. He will carry on celebrating his anniversary shows as 80 years and so on. He will go on his life as the sketcher of mountains, forests landscapes in all seasons.

Submitted Date : 25, Sep, 2008