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Better year paintings of artist K.Htoon

Modern Artist K.Htoon, owner of T.Gallery in Mandalay not only participated in many group shows but also held his solo shows in Htan Yeik Nyo gallery of Mandalay. He is one of the participant in “Orient-2007, 10th Anniversary ART CARNIVAL in ASEAN” show together with Myanmar artist U Lun Gywe, Tin Maung Oo, WPM, NCS, Hla Phone Aung and Sithu Hlaing. That show was held at ASEAN-JAPAN center in 2007 and participated by the artists from Japan, Philippine, Thailand, Indonesia, Nepal, Bangladesh, Vietnam and Brunei.


Artworks of artist K.Htoon lined on abstract and semi abstract. As T.Gallery is fulled with artworks, he is not only a good painter but also a good thinker. He said that he painted everyday except in travelling time. One of his new artwork “Better Year (1)” was created with Christmas emotion in a Christmas day. So, the main color of this painting was red and green. "Because of the cool and fine weather of that day, my feeling was deeply fine and charming" he said. This painting is containing many images. If you look thoroughly it, you can see one by one. The artist said " I felt pleased for this painting and then I created Better Year (2), (3), (4)”.


We can see wonderful color in “Better Year (1)”. Buildings, ladders and flowerbed can be seen in that painting. “Better Year (2) is a new painting that enlarged the scene from near the ladder of “Better Year (1)”. The subject of “Better Year (3)” is a ladder and an entrance. “Better Year (4)” gave feeling of visiting the street market. It is enlarged top left corner of main artwork “Better Year (1)”. Artworks of the artist K.Htoon can attract with various kind of feelings. He named one of his artwork “2.2.09” which has many subjects and brushstrokes. You can see uncontrollable mind of artist in that painting.


The artist said" I painted this artwork at the day of my father passed away. My father’s death made me uncontrollable. So, I painted this with my sadness and named it “2.2.09” the day that my father passed away". You can see his artworks in and Not only having comfortable surrounding of T.Gallery but also always having feelings for art in his heart, modern artist K.Htoon’s T.Gallery will full with artworks forever.

Submitted Date : 9, Jul, 2009